More Revenue by Allowing Clients to Schedule their Own Appointments Online 24/7.
Written by Zac Dillon  on Oct. 12th 2018
As any chiropractor knows, a strong spine is essential to maintaining good health in our personal lives. In the business world, a similar concept applies – only, it’s marketing that is often considered to be the backbone of successful businesses.

Improve Your Bookability With Online Marketing

When people turn to services like Google or Yelp to find local businesses, it doesn’t take them long to whittle down their options. And if your company doesn’t have any online visibility, you’re losing out on potential business.

Thankfully, stepping up your online marketing game is pretty straightforward these days, especially with the right tools.

Leaders in the online bookings market in Australia are Cliniko,  Timely and Health Engine.
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However there's a new player launching in Australia shortly. And it's Google.

The idea of Google Reserve, is to allow patients to schedule their appointment into your clinic directly from your Google My Business page.

Improving your “bookability” with Google Reserve is a great place to start. By creating a Google-optimized listing for your chiropractic business, your services will be listed automatically across Google services like Search and Maps.

From here, handy “book now” buttons built-in to Google make it easy for potential clients to take action right from their internet-connected device and book with you in minutes. This feature makes it easy to convert on-the-fence clients, scoring you business with minimal effort.

Another marketing strategy favored by chiropractic businesses is email marketing. It’s often overlooked in favor of other tactics, but its effectiveness has been consistently proven.

To step it up, pair automated email marketing with rebooking notifications, and you’ll have a deadly strategy on your hands. This works by checking-in with past clients via email and gently reminding them to rebook.

And last, but not least, adding a “book now” button to your business’s Facebook page is a great way to convert online page views into appointments quickly. It works similarly to Google Reserve, but on Facebook, of course!

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