An Easy Way to Diversify Your Marketing Channels
Written by Zac Dillon on Oct. 15th 2018
There are so many ways to advertise your business and attract new customers.

Which should you focus on? 
Facebook, Adwords, Google search, Instagram, Twitter
And of course there are Newsletter, emails, Newspapers, local community groups... 

Well. In a ideal world, where you had unlimited resources (and time), you would be attracting customers from all these places.

However, most business owners can't do this.
We just don't have the resources to watch Facebook, Google, write content, put up social media posts every day, write weekly email blasts and monthly newsletters.

So when you don't have the time and resources, which do you do?
Well there's two types of marketing to focus on. 
  1. Attracting new business
  2. Serving and keeping in contact with past clients.

You need a simple strategy for both.  However in this article, we are going to cover the most important.

Attracting a continual steady stream of new business

(because it's the hardest to get right).

Our Favourite is "set and forget".

If you have have used Adwords before, you already know you need to watch it like a hawk. Same with Facebook Ads, or any time of pay per click advertising.

How our Facebook Advertising tripled in price in 3 months.

November last year, we set up a new FB campaign for one of our health practices, and straight out of the gate it was profitable. Very profitable.

Getting leads at $0.61 each. 61 cents!
 -> By December the costs had gone up to $0.88 cents.  
 -> By January, the cost was $1.10 
 -> And by Feb, the cost was $1.74

Thats a 300% increase in Cost, for the same return. Ouch!

Here's the thing. Nothing changed in the campaign. (unchecked, the price kept going up)

My point is, you have to someone watch that bad boy, and be ready to spend a few hours a week to keep working it, because there's real money on the line.

Here's what save our bacon!

Same time, we started a new seo campaign to rank a new website. We wanted to diversify our rankings on page one... With another site. 

And it's working. 

3.5 months later, now have 3 listings coming up on the first page of Google. All attracting leads. If one drops down, I sleep easy because the others will be there to keep bringing in the leads. So we spread our risk over different websites. And it's hands off.

That's diversification.

And it's "set and forget". 

 -> We don't need to nurse it daily like a Adwords or Facebook ad.
 -> And we don't need to rack our brains to post something new on Facebook.

That means it saves us time, money and daily stress.

My advice. If you can find a way that brings in a few new leads every month... AND it's not a pain-in-the-butt to manage. DO IT. 

You will protect both your future revenue and free up a lot of your staff's time and resources.

Would you like a similar system set up for your Practice?
To protect your revenue, and spit out a constant stream of new clients...

Zac Dillon

Zac Dillon helps chiropractors get 5-15 NEW customers per month.  He is an expert at helping chiros get clients using online methods and making things super simple to understand.
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