Written by Zac Dillon  on Oct. 15th 2018
There are so many ways to advertise your business and attract new customers.

Which should you focus on? 
Facebook, Adwords, Google search, Instagram, Twitter... And of course there are Newsletter, emails, Newspapers, local community groups... 
Written by Zac Dillon on Oct. 12th 2018
As any chiropractor knows, a strong spine is essential to maintaining good health in our personal lives. In the business world, a similar concept applies – only, it’s marketing that is often considered to be the backbone of successful businesses.
Written by Zac Dillon  on Oct. 6th 2018
If you view a substantial amount of chiropractic advertisements, like I do, you'll often find most lacking 2 critical elements.

The first is far less lacking, but lacking nonetheless. It's what we call...
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